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Featured in Press Release

Alpha Code Academy is honoured to be featured in AM730, one of the local newspapers with high circulation volume, for its prestigious coding (STEM) courses and Technology Summer Camp that teaches youngsters about the latest technology, e.g. artificial intelligence, blockchain, internet of things, etc.

Founders Won the 1st Runner Up in Global Legal Hackathon 2018

Two of Alpha Code Academy's founders won the First Runner Up in the Global Legal Hackathon that was organized by Thomson Reuters and held in over 20 countries, 40 cities all over the world! 


A RegTech-focused prototype was invented in 48 hours, aiming to solve financial crime compliance issues for financial institutions and regulators. 

Career Seminar at Wah Yan HK

Alpha Code Academy was invited to share with the high school students about the career of a Game Developer in Wah Yan College (Hong Kong), one of the most prestigious secondary schools in Hong Kong.

Jocky Club Cocoon STEP

Alpha Code Academy participated, as a mentoring start-up, in the Jockey Club CoCoon Student Training in Entrepreneurship Programme (STEP) which aims to be a bridge for secondary year 4 or 5 students to get access into the entrepreneurship community. 


STEP aims to increase youngsters' knowledge about 21st century entrepreneurship & entrepreneurial mindset of over 3350 students. 

Internship Fair

Alpha Code Academy hosted an Internship Fair to recruit young talents who are interested in developing a career in the technology field.


Talented young interns joined Alpha Code Academy in the summer and had their horizon broadened through practical working experience in our technology-driven coding education center!

Whatsapp:  65104787

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