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Alpha Code Academy was founded by a team of passionate professionals. Living in a technologically advanced era, we aim to nurture our next generation and to provide them with digital literacy by enhancing their programming skills, computational thinking skills and problem-solving skills.

While STEM education has become the leading trend across the globe, especially in Hong Kong, learning programing languages would be advantageous to youngsters in both academic and career developments.

Taking reference from the Bachelor and Master Degrees curriculum of HKU, HKUST and CUHK (three of the most reputable universities in the world and in Hong Kong), our courses are designed to stimulate young learners’ potential and intelligence, and to prepare them to become the next creative and practical leaders in the future.

Our team has taught courses of developments on mobile applications, games, and websites to primary and secondary students. It is our goal to empower our next generation to become programming-proficient leaders, achieving success in this digital era.

Join our exciting coding journey now!

Whatsapp:  65104787

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